Japan Visa Exemption for Indonesians Starts This December

Posted On 08 Oct 2014
By : Global Indonesian Voices
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In June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MoFA) announced the relaxation of visa requirements for Nationals of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. It is now official that the visa waiver for Indonesians will come into effect on 1 December 2014. From the press release by Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo, as quoted by Antara news, this effective date was announced by Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister Fumio Kishida last Tuesday (30/09/2014).

It was also stated that the visa exemption facility is valid for a 15-day social visit or travel purposes and is not valid for work. At the same time, effective 30 September 2014, the Japanese government will also put into effect a multiple-entry visa with a five-year validity, instead of the current three years. The multiple-entry visa is valid for visits with specific purposes to Japan, such as for business or study.

Indonesian Ambassador to Japan, Yusron Ihza Mahendra, as quoted in Jakarta Post, was grateful because the visa-exemption for Indonesians to Japan is now “clear and confirmed”. He also added that with this visa-waiver policy, it is easier for Indonesians to travel to Japan and and to understand Japan and its people.

Indonesian travellers are reminded to have an e-passport and to have it registered with the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta, or the Japanese Consulate General in Indonesia, to enjoy this new visa exemption privilege. Holders of passports without biometric chips are still required to apply for visitor visa with simpler process and requirements.

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